California Cape Dory Owners Association
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Quartermaster's Shack

Last updated March 29, 2007

Check out the California Cape Dory Owners Association burgees and hats. These posh goodies can be yours for just twenty or fifteen bucks respectively. We also have license plate frames, just eleven clams the pair.

Let other drivers - at least the knowledgeable ones - know you've got something better to get around in.  And puzzle the heck out of the landlubbers.  Sturdily fabricated from rustproof plastic.  Just eleven dollars the pair (or six dollars for one) for these handsome license plate frames.
CCDO BurgeeThis sturdy burgee measures 12" by 18" and is made of heavy stitched nylon, with webbing and brass grommets to withstand the afternoon gusts on San Francisco Bay. 
CCDO HatYou'll command the same respect ashore as you do afloat when you're wearing your California Cape Dory Skipper hat.  These are available with or without the word "California", and come in choice of blue lettering on white cap, or gold lettering on blue cap. Lightweight cotton polyester blend with built-in sweatband keep both you and the cap looking spiffy. One size fits all.  Specify whether you want "California", choice of color, and whether other choices are acceptable if we're out of your first choice.
To order, send fifteen dollars for each hat, twenty for each burgee, and eleven dollars for each pair of license plate frames (six dollars for one), to California Cape Dory Owners Association, c/o Janet Dart, 1881 Tipperary Lane, Newbury Park, CA 91320. We have no bank account, 'cause the banks want to see our bylaws, and we don't have any, so please make your check payable to Janet Dart. Be sure to mark the check "Cape Dory burgee", "Cape Dory hat", "Plate frame", or a combination.  You can email Janet at .